Benefits of Forgiveness!



Change of heart through forgiveness

Jesus talks often about a change of heart.  This change of heart is
brought about through Christ's action in our lives.  Now that your sins are forgiven, you will follow Jesus daily as you walk in a Spirit of true faith. 
The following Christian benefits relate to this change of heart.

You are redeemed: 
You are released from the curse of death since Christ paid the ransom for your sins on the cross.

You are regenerated:
You have a new Christian nature.

You are sanctified:
You have separated yourself from whatever is sinful and consecrated
yourself to whatever is righteous.

You are justified:
God no longer holds you to the penalty of death for sin.

You are adopted: 
God has brought you into His Kingdom.  You are now heirs of God, the
Father, and joint heirs with Christ.

You are a saint:
You are set apart for the service of God.

You are edified: 
You are strengthened and united with all believers.

You are saved by God's grace:
It is by your faith in Christ that you are saved; it is a free gift of God, it has nothing to do with your "good works."

You are reconciled: 
You are restored to fellowship with God through the works of Christ on
the cross.

You now display righteousness: 
You want to do what is right to maintain harmony within your family and in the community.  Your conscience is enlightened.

You now have faith: 
You put your reliance on God instead of man.

You are filled with love: 
You do not retaliate but instead counter evil with acts of kindness.

You are born-again: 
You are no longer a follower of the devil and now are partaking of the
divine nature of Christ.

You are filled with the Holy Spirit:
Christ now lives in you and you live in Christ.  You may have the same old body but the inner man, the spirit, is brand new.  The Holy Spirit directs your life and displays to others that you are a follower of Christ.  You will now display the characteristics of Christ in your everyday living and will no longer desire to do the things that you did before.