Ten Commandments of Parenting



1. Enjoy your children. Being a parent is a privilege. Children grow so quickly and leave home so soon.

2. Understand your children. Learn what concepts they are capable of at their age. Help them grow in all areas of development; intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically, sexually, and spiritually, then your teaching will be effective and learning long-lasting.

3. Communicate with your children. Words are threads with which we are woven together.

4. Discipline your children. Teach them to be socially acceptable and self-disciplined in a way that will not lower their self- image.

5. Help your children understand they are made up of emotions and feelings , and are sexual beings. It makes us human. We are not responsible for our feelings, but we are responsible for how we act on those feelings.

6. Develop a long lasting and good relationship with your child, then all your strengths and weaknesses as a parent can be tolerated by him or her.

7. Teach your children to feel good about themselves so that they can feel good about others.

8. Give your children moral guidance so they can grow into adults who care about others.

9. Love your children for who they are. They are individuals entrusted into your care. You have been chosen from all parents to parent the children you have.

10. Learn parenting skills so you can feel confident as a parent, and your responsibility as a parent can be made joyous.